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What Is 4K?

4K Ultra HD is four times the resolution of full HD (1080x1920). Think about that—instead of 2 million pixels, now a whopping 8 million pixels (3840x2160) are packed into the screen. The extra resolution of 4K images adds more detail, more depth, and more color resolution to the picture, resulting in images that look incredibly life-like—more like looking through a window than watching TV. 4K is now being utilized over the internet in video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

This is where we come in.

The latest mobile devices, laptop computers, and computer monitors—along with TVs—now boast resolutions higher than full HD. What does that mean for you? Our Ultra HD videos are shot at a resolution (3840x2160) higher than HD, so now your customers will bring into play all those extra pixels on their screens. And that means your videos will have astonishing detail, higher contrast, vibrant color, and a captivating image.

What is 4K?